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We need your help

We have received donations, ranging from $ 1 to various amounts.


All help is appreciated from food, clothes in good condition, toys, school supplies, and medicine donations.

We hold raffles during the year, special events, and races to collect all the help we can to guarantee the fundamental healthy living for those in need.

We have a sponsor program to support a child or a family. In our selected areas, there is a lot of need. Participate in this program. Monthly, you can help a family or a child in need.

Our project called “A Space of Hope” plans to offer food, health services, sports practices, and training of trades in a space built for that purpose.


We need your help to begin the construction of the required infrastructure in our focus areas of Anzoátegui, Aragua, La Guaira, and Yaracuy, in Venezuela.



Sponsor a child or family

"A Space

of Hope"

PNN For Our Children
PNN For Our Children

Our Programs

Help us to build "A Space of Hope"

Our plan called "A space of Hope" consists of an infrastructure where our children can have:  

  • A dining room to get their food.
  • An area to receive essential health attention.
  • A place for sports activities.

  • A space for education. The idea is to help consolidate reading and writing skills, as well as to offer activities like music, crafting, drawing, painting, designing, and sewing.  These activities will help to develop in our children a sense of creativity, inspiration, and self-motivation.

"A Space of Hope" is a space for a more promising future for these children that currently have nothing for sure.

"A Space of Hope" aspires to inspire our children to find what they would like to become in the future, and to think positively about it.  

Our "Space of Hope" is designed to encourage our children to become individuals of values, who can overcome difficulties, and who can inspire other children in Venezuela or the world. With your support, we can do it!

For this dream, we already have the grounds. However, we need your help to build "A Space of Hope" in each one of our focus areas in Anzoátegui, Aragua, La Guaira, and Yaracuy. The needs are many in those depressed Venezuelan regions. Nevertheless, together we can overcome the obstacles to get the positive impact that our children need and deserve.


The future of children in extreme need can not wait any longer!​

Donate today! 

Permanent programs

Health Program

We receive donations of medicines for our children in need.


PNN is developing a new program to start supporting children with basic services like vaccines, medical assistance during emergencies, and medical supplies.


With your support, in "A Space of Hope" we will provide free basic health assistance, dental care service every 6 months, and weight control for those who require it, to contribute to the well-being of our children in extreme poverty.

PNN For Our Children

Food Program

PNN serves food to children living in extreme conditions in Venezuela. This program is to serve any children in hunger, and regardless of their circumstances. 


It is a free program that is currently reaching multiple communities in Yaracuy, Aragua, Anzoátegui, and La Guaira. Since its creation, this program has achieved a nutritionally positive impact in the lives of children served.

In "A Space of Hope"our food program will continue being very important for our children. With this program, we will be helping the daily nutrition of each child by providing meals for free 7 days a week, 3 times a day. We want to offer meals with the essential nutrients for the development of their growth and for the strengthening of their physical and mental health.

PNN For Our Children

Educational Program

We are dedicated to providing Back-to-school kits with a backpack, notebooks, crayons, pencils, colors, glue, sharpener, eraser, and other school supplies.


This program promotes and encourages instruction for the children.

We want to continue this program in "A Space for Hope" and go furthermore.

Our goal is to help our children to consolidate writing and reading skills, as well as bring a space for artistic activities that help to develop creativity, values, positive thinking, and self-motivation, to raise happier and inspired children that can have a more promising future. 

PNN For Our Children


for Our Children

PNN sends clothes to our children of selected areas of Anzoátegui, Yaracuy, La Guaira, and Aragua on regular basis, from the constant donations that we receive in Houston, Texas.

In "A Space of Hope" this program will continue in order to provide each child with clothes, shoes, as well as personal hygiene items. 

PNN For Our Children



In "A Space of Hope" Sports also play an important role in the development and overall growth of our children. Therefore, we will bring physical activities to our children like Basketball, Soccer, traditional games, as well as dancing.

In the same way, PNN is developing this program with the help of Baseball players as sponsors, to promote the passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle in our children.


Our goal is to help with uniforms and trainers, as well as in generating recreational spaces to help poor children to experience childhood as it should be.

PNN For Our Children


for Our Children

Throughout the year, PNN collects toys for children, to distribute them on special dates like Children’s Day, Christmas, and The Three Wise Men Day, accompanied by clothes and candies.

In "A Space of Hope", PNN For Our Children will continue bringing happiness to the little ones by delivering toys in good conditions, new or second hand.

Please do not hesitate to participate and bring your gift or donation for them.

PNN For Our Children

Join Us

Help us to reduce hunger among the children

living in poverty

in Venezuela!

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