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About Us

PNN For Our Children is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization, which is operated exclusively for charitable purposes to benefit children in extreme need in Venezuela. PNN For Our Children was founded on July 7, 2018 by Odalis Figuera, who is our Executive Director and Founder.

Even though our main headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, we have no limits when it comes to making every contribution we receive each day to reach its destination. We currently serve children in four Venezuelan states: Yaracuy, Anzoátegui, La Guaira, and Aragua, benefiting more than 4,000 children in 2020.

Corporate Values

  • Excellence: achieving goals and supervision.

  • Inclusiveness: helping children in need, regardless of race, gender, age, creed or nationality, color, political affiliation, or belief.

  • Integrity: working with the highest ethical standards.

  • Leadership: we maintain the authority to lead, the creativity to inspire, and the will to foster positive social change.

  • Community Responsibility: working in partnership.

  • Transparency: we are careful and responsible managers of the resources entrusted to our care.


Together we can overcome. Let's help Venezuelan children in extreme need. Join our cause!

A happy child is in the future a happy adult, is simple but hard to accomplish, make it possible and help us with our task against child poverty.

Our Mission

Provide lifesaving and lifechanging relief to children in need by giving children the food, water, shelter, and support they need to survive and improve their own lives. 


Our Vision

Help as many children with extreme food and health conditions as we can, providing them three hot meals daily, as well as medication, clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, school supplies, and toys.

We Need Your Support Today!

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