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PNN For Our Children fights againts starvation among children in extreme need. Help us to help. Donate funds to support our activities.

Please note that there are no people authorized to collect any donation physically, only Mrs. Odalis Figuera, president of PNN For Our Children.

Accountability is important to us.

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Get Involved

We have received donations, ranging from $ 1 to various amounts. All help is appreciated from food, clothes in good condition, toys, school supplies, and medicine donations.

Just a small thing can make a difference in the life of a child in extreme need, a meal, a toy, even a pair of shoes can help to make changes in their lives. Collaborate with us with anything to make this possible.

Malnutrition levels are increasing daily in Venezuela and it is strongly affecting especially the little ones that have nothing. Do not delay any longer your contribution, because it can bring hope, it can help others, it can help to change their future, and, definitively, it can save lives.

You can also make monetary contributions, deductible from your taxes. One single dollar can help to feed many children in extreme poverty. You can make a difference, take an action and donate.

Join our cause, we count on you!


Where do we work

We are working on a special project called “A Space of Hope”. The purpose of it is to offer food, health, sports practices, and training of trades to children in extreme poverty. For that reason, we expect to build the required infrastructure in four selected areas in Venezuela: Anzoategui, Aragua, La Guaira, and Yaracuy.  Once ready, they are expected to benefit more than 10,000 children.

Currently, we are attending many children in need in the most depressed areas in those regions, providing them with food and all the donations received in Houston, Texas. 

PNN For Our Children. Work in Venezuela
PNN For Our Children. From Houston to Venezuela. Help us to help.